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Beginner sellers: succeed in your store on KOMbelle!

KOMbelle, a Development Guide for New Sellers
Inspired by March 1, 2022
This guide from the guardians of KOMbelle.com in the European Seller’s Manual is an open door to the captivating world of KOMbelle! When you venture into selling on KOMbelle for the first time, the path seems strewn with a thousand challenges to building your own store. To help you, delve into the treasures of the Seller’s Manual. This document is intended to be a starter compendium, highlighting the essential elements to bring your store to life!

The Art of the Name
Discovering THE store name that transcends minds, easily remembered: this is one of the cornerstones for forging the identity of your store and stimulating its sales. Choose a name that is impactful, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, captivating, reflecting the style or theme of your store. A short name is often more impactful than an excessively long name. Avoid generic terms like “designs” or “creations,” as well as strings of numbers and consonants that don’t sound like an actual word – this makes your name difficult to remember. Also avoid overly common names; something unique, distinct and unusual will resonate more. As Danielle points out in this article, “Make sure it’s ‘Google-able’!” Sure, the name ‘PouletFrit’ sticks in your memory, but if you search for ‘Poulet Frit’ on Google, your store risks getting lost in a (tasty, of course) sea of results. Conduct online research to verify that no other brand or company is already using the same name. Did any store names stand out to you? What caught your attention? Think about it while looking for the name that suits you perfectly. Your store name and your username on KOMbelle are actually the same thing. It is not possible to change your store name on KOMbelle several times, but please note that you can change it once. Here are a few more tips for choosing your store name wisely.

Creating your Store
The “Set Up Your Store” guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

The Sign – The Banner
Imagine your store in the physical world: your banner is equivalent to the sign hanging above the entrance! Go for something authentic, giving shoppers a glimpse into the atmosphere and style of your store, enticing them to discover more! If you have great photos of your products, use them in your banner. If you are not an expert in graphic design, you can save time and frustration by purchasing a pre-made or custom banner from a seller on KOMbelle. You will also find more tips for your banner here. Image by rikrak

The Avatar
If you plan to use community spaces such as forums, groups, or the KOMbelle blog, a well-framed (75 by 75 pixels) and bright photo of your flagship creation can make an excellent avatar. This way, you promote your store while interacting with other members. Avatars

The delivery
Use the “Shipping Profiles” feature in “Your Store > Shipping Profiles” to save time when putting your items online. International shipping – and international orders in general – represent a huge part of the market on KOMbelle! Consult our shipping guide for sellers in France.

General Conditions of Sale, Profiles and About
Write them down! The “CGV” (general conditions of sale) define the rules of your store and can answer buyers’ questions. The “Profile” and “About” pages allow you to personally introduce yourself as a seller/creator/collector: buyers on KOMbelle appreciate buying directly from a creator, so reveal more about yourself and your work to arouse their interest in your creations. By completing these sections, you instill confidence in future buyers, especially if you are a new seller without reviews. Here are some recommendations regarding your general conditions of sale, your “About” page and your profile.

Photography of Items
Photographing your items is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your store. On KOMbelle, a main photo is supplemented by the possibility of uploading four additional photos. Use them all! Here you will find other tips for exploring this topic in more depth. Brightness: Opt for natural lighting. Morning or early evening light is ideal. Avoid direct sunlight and midday light, which can sometimes be too intense. Whether indoors, near a window, or outdoors (myis not in direct sunlight): both options work well. If the brightness is insufficient, adjust the EV (light exposure index) balance in your camera menu to increase the brightness of the photo. Avoid using flash. Backgrounds: Capture your products with a background that highlights your creation. Think about color: what background would reflect the mood you are going for? If you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, perhaps your dark brown item will stand out well against a light brown background – consider matching tones, while ensuring your item doesn’t blend in with the back.

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