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Invite your friends to join KOMbelle and receive up to €80!

Everyone appreciates gifts! With our sponsorship program on KOMbelle, you can invite your friends and each benefit from vouchers.

It’s been a few weeks since I shared my store on KOMbelle with a friend, and I was surprised to discover that he didn’t know the site. I spoke to him in detail about all the riches that can be found there, and the fascinating creators and bargain hunters that you can meet there. The result ? Convinced ! In addition, I sent him a sponsorship link so that he could benefit from €4 credit for his first purchase. Her challenge was to choose from so many beautiful boutiques. This little welcome touch not only piqued her interest, but also allowed me to receive a credit to use on KOMbelle, just in time to buy a gift for the birth of a friend’s son!

How it works ?

Do you also have friends who have not yet discovered KOMbelle? Explore our buyer referral program. There you will find a personal invitation link that you can use and share wherever you want! (Some practical ideas below)

Each person using your link for their first purchase on KOMbelle will receive €4 in credit that can be used immediately. And as soon as two of your friends have made their first purchase, you will receive €8. You can accumulate up to €80!

Note that this program is currently available for Canada, France and Australia. If you are in France and the referral page is not working, update your location information in the Your Account > Settings > Preferences menu by choosing France in the “Region” section. For more information on this, see this page.

6 tips to share the link and earn up to €80 to spend on KOMbelle!

With the French team, we thought about effective ways to share the link. Here are a few that we share with you!

  1. Send a message to your friends.

Use the sponsorship page on KOMbelle to directly send a personal invitation by selecting your Facebook friends, by sending an e-mail to your contacts via Gmail, Facebook, Whatpass, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok… or by directly indicating their e-mail address .

  1. Use social media!

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, quickly share the link with all your followers. You can find your personal link on the referral program page. Copy and paste it to distribute it wherever you want: Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus, a discussion forum, etc.

To make it easier for you, we have even provided buttons to share the link in two clicks on Facebook and Twitter. We offer you a ready-made message with your personal link, but do not hesitate to adapt it according to your style on social networks.

  1. Do you have a blog?

Don’t hesitate to add your sponsorship link to your articles whenever you like on KOMbelle or during special articles. If your readers fall for an article during their first visit to KOMbelle, they will be grateful to you and you can earn credit on KOMbelle! And why not add a banner to your sidebar? Use our banner for your sidebar.

  1. In your KOMbelle wish lists

Soon your birthday, the birth of your child, your wedding? Have you created a favorites list or a wedding list on KOMbelle? Send your loved ones your invitation link with the link from your gift list.

  1. In your KOMbelle store

Do you sell on KOMbelle? Encourage buyers to discover your store by offering them €4 off their first purchase, at no cost to you! Add the link in your store, whether in your ad or in the product sheets.

  1. At designer markets

Do you participate in designer markets? Include your referral link on your business cards distributed at events, in addition to your store address. A good method to convert contacts into sales in your online store!

Le blog de Kombelle

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