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“Where did you find this?” “. Don’t wait to be asked, share your KOMbelle favorites in your Facebook timeline!

Whether you are a fashion pioneer or a collector enthusiast, whether you love to shop or simply admire, whether you enjoy giving or creating, we all share one thing in common: the exploration of KOMbelle for the pleasure of Discovery. Even though the articles bookmarked and shared on the web from KOMbelle are already plentiful, this question often comes up: “Where did you find that?” “. Why wait to be asked? Share your KOMbelle favorites in your Facebook timeline!

Activate this feature so that all the articles you favorite on KOMbelle appear in your Facebook timeline and in the recent activity section. To make them also visible (as well as your favorite stores and Treasures) on your Facebook professional page, use the Facebook “Like” button visible on KOMbelle pages. And if you change your mind, no problem, you can always go back.

To test this new feature, link your KOMbelle account to your Facebook profile, then activate sharing. All the articles you select as favorites on KOMbelle will automatically be displayed in your Facebook timeline as soon as the function is activated.

Would you like to share the magnificent, interesting or surprising items you discover on KOMbelle? Try it!
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Le blog de Kombelle

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