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Source of inspiration

Source of inspiration
May 23, 2022
“I am convinced that the fusion between the human spirit and manual skill can give an aura to an object. » – Camille

Hello, I’m Camille. Originally from Brittany, I left my native land to pursue my studies in a field that has always sparked my passion: Applied Arts. After obtaining my BTS Fashion and Environment at the Duperré school in Paris as well as my Higher Diploma in Applied Arts Textile Creator/Designer at the ESAAT in Roubaix [France], I finally settled down in Lille, in the Northern France, a transition which is not so exotic for a Breton! Continuing my explorations and creation focused on the Aura, I brought to life my clothing collection called Gravures Célestes, exploring combinations of materials. Currently, I work as a textile designer and colorist for a French wallpaper and furniture fabric publisher. This duality contributes to my creative development and my thinking about design, between craftsmanship and industry.

I started by exclusively presenting my clothes on KOMbelle. It was the start of an unexpected adventure. In the space of a week, an American design blog highlighted my creations, and I received requests from boutiques in Canada, England… KOMbelle gave me incredible visibility, but above all, reinforced my self-confidence and confirmed the validity of my choice to undertake in the field of creativity. I approached this adventure thinking I had nothing to lose. In the end, I believe I have gained a lot, both personally and professionally. Throughout the year, I accumulate ideas for new shapes, techniques and colors. I rarely make sketches, preferring to interact directly with the material. I usually have a specific idea in mind, but the start of each project marks the beginning of a long period of prototyping. Working with liquid resin, each new idea requires learning from reactions and trickery to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes this exploration leads me to discover something completely different, which I ultimately exploit, or which I keep in memory for the next collection. My perfectionism often comes into conflict with the versatility of resin, but that is precisely what fascinates me in my research! Once my collection is finalized, I proceed with the photo shoot and the design of my clothes. Throughout my explorations, I conceptualize the emotions that I wish to convey through this collection. Thus, the words and images fall into place to ultimately be shared with you.

The notion of “handmade” is of capital importance to me. Although my professional career led me to the textile industry, manual work remains one of my fundamental principles. New technologies offer tremendous advances in creation (3D printer, laser cutting). However, I am convinced that it is the fusion between the human spirit and manual skill that can give an object a singular aura. This implies an ancestral presence, know-how, and above all, emotion.

Currently, I work in the living room of our apartment in Lille, where we have lived for almost 5 years, with Cédric, my partner, and our two cats, Muscade and Rose! I set up a corner of the room as a workshop, with all the equipment necessary to make my clothes, display them and ship them. However, this configuration is not ideal, because I use messy and noisy tools (sander, drill). This is why we are looking for a house, one of the major criteria being the possibility of setting up a large and beautiful workshop there! I hope to be able to present it to you soon!

Since launching my small business, I met many people in my region and quickly realized that I had just settled in an incredibly creative region where KOMbelle was strangely little known. This is why, in June 2014, I decided to found Team NORD with the support of KOMbelle. This experience is very dear to me because it is based on sharing our skills, needs and desires. It is difficult today to launch yourself as a creative entrepreneur. The collective aims to overcome the limitations of life in the workshop: sharing, advice, organizing events… When I’m not working, it seems that I’m quite “hyperactive” in the eyes of those around me! As a full-time employee, I spend the day at the company. At night, I spend time creating my clothes. For the rest, I manage my emails, organize events for the Team, and am on duty in the collective boutique in Grand Bassin (Roubaix), where I display my clothes all day long.

‘year. Each of these activities fascinates me, it’s a real pleasure! But since I have an adorable companion, I make time for walks with him. We really like walking, and as we are in Flanders, the presence of the slag heaps and the magnificent Belgian towns allows us to enjoy a fabulous setting!

Le blog de Kombelle

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