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Your wedding registry: our collection to centralize all your gift suggestions

Thanks to KOMbelle, you can easily share your wedding gift wishes with your guests. We explain how it works.

Are you in the middle of preparations for your wedding, the to-do lists are growing longer, and the approach of the big day is accompanied by a touch of apprehension? Pause and take a deep breath! Here is a list that covers all aspects and relieves you of the stress of preparations, allowing you to fully enjoy one of the most beautiful days of your life (and all those that will follow): the KOMbelle wedding list.

Easily share your wedding wishes

Obviously, a wedding is a joyful celebration, but planning it is demanding. Simplifying part of this organization is a considerable gain! A wedding registry helps you more easily list the gifts you would like to receive. It’s a clear and quick way to communicate your wishes to your guests. If you’re looking for ideas, we regularly feature inspiring KOMbelle boutiques on our blog, where you’ll find stunning items to add to your wedding registry.

Summary of this article:

  • What is a wedding list?
  • Benefits at a glance
  • How to put together a wedding list?

What is a wedding list?

Many couples appreciate monetary donations that help them alleviate the costs of their wedding. But of course, beautifully wrapped gifts that they can use in their daily lives together are also very appreciated. For both donors and recipients, a wedding list helps avoid gifts that are forgotten or poorly suited to their needs.

A wedding registry is convenient for guests who can view it online. They can also click on the KOMbelle links to make their purchases in small stores near them, thus supporting local businesses. As soon as a gift is purchased, it automatically disappears from your list. During this time, you can relax and think about all those wonderful gifts you are going to receive for your wedding.

The benefits at a glance

Receive the gifts you really want

A wedding list gives you the opportunity to choose gifts that really match your desires and your lifestyle. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as items that are unusable or do not correspond to your identity.

Make searching easier for your guests

Thanks to a wedding list, your guests have less difficulty finding a gift that will please you. It’s a practical and reassuring system: your list answers all potential questions, ensuring that you will receive a gift that meets your needs or desires. Plus, your guests don’t have to shop around to find the perfect gift.

Avoid duplicates or inappropriate gifts

Neither you nor your guests will be faced with the surprise of a poorly chosen or duplicate gift. When an item on your list is purchased, it automatically disappears. This way, no other guest will be able to purchase it.

Collective purchase for more expensive items

You can include more expensive gifts in your wedding registry, such as items that you wouldn’t necessarily buy but would be perfect for special occasions, like your wedding. Some of your friends and family members may come together to give you these more luxurious gifts.

Tips to keep in mind when putting together your wedding registry

Here are six recommendations for creating your KOMbelle wedding list, ensuring you receive gifts on the big day that will delight you.

  1. Don’t delay:
    Don’t wait too long to explore the KOMbelle stores and discover all the new products. Create your list before sending your invitations, and include the link to it in your invitations. This way, all your guests will be informed of the existence of your wedding list and will have time to choose a gift.
  2. Take inventory:
    Go through your home to note what would be useful to you and what might make you happy. Perhaps you will discover items to replace with artisanal or sustainable pieces? This is an opportunity to please yourself with new acquisitions. Discuss it together and select practical elements and others that are superfluous but pleasant.
  3. Take your time:
    Carefully browse the items offered and choose those you really need and will use. Your list should also contain gifts that simply spark your desire. Be creative and add original or surprising gift ideas.
  4. Offer your guests a choice:
    Expand your list to offer varied gifts to your guests. Include items in different price ranges, so everyone can
  5. find a gift according to your budget.
  6. Update your list:
    Some guests wait until the last minute to choose a gift, so remember to check your list regularly. Check until the last moment that there are enough items left for your guests to have a choice.
  7. Don’t forget the thanks:
    Thank your guests for their gift(s), and express your gratitude with personalized thank you cards. Your guests will be delighted to know that their gift pleased you.
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