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Creators from the KOMbelle platform share with you romantic and touching stories of orders placed via their KOMbelle stores! #KOMbelleValentin

As Valentine’s Day approaches, whether you are a fervent admirer or indifferent to this holiday, we wanted to mark this occasion by telling you some romantic stories and special requests experienced by sellers on KOMbelle. As you know, one of the main advantages of KOMbelle is the possibility of direct contact between buyers and sellers. This makes it simple for a buyer to contact a seller and place a custom order. Such exchanges gave rise to significant experiences, like that of Marielle and Sabine, faced with particularly specific requests:

“A man contacted me to create an engagement ring… He explained to me his wish to propose to his girlfriend with this ring and asked about the deadlines to be sure to be ready on time. Since I personalize my models, we exchanged around ten emails to decide on the aesthetic details of the ring. Once the order was placed, he regularly sent me messages to keep me informed of the progress of the surprise… I love my work, because I create symbolic objects for people… But there, I lived a very moving experience entering into the intimacy of a stranger, to the point that they almost became part of my life when I felt the pressure to know if she was going to say Yes!!! (and she said Yes!)” – Marielle, MaaVetement store.

“Some time ago, a client asked me to come and make himself (from Paris, while my workshop is in Mougins), with my help, a ring to give to his sweetheart to ask her to marry him. We exchanged numerous emails to develop the design of the ring (2 crossed tulips to evoke the woman’s body) and choose the pearl that would adorn it. After 8 hours of work in the workshop, he left with the ring of his dreams. I hope she said yes! » – Sabrina, Lomi boutique.

Valentine’s Day was also the origin of the idea that gave birth to Sara’s KOMbelle boutique in 2013: “I created Tea Heritage almost 4 years ago. I had planned a little brunch for Valentine’s Day. But this brunch presented a special challenge: everything had to be cute and fit into the theme. Heart-shaped pancakes, chocolates forming the word Love, little pink heart-shaped sugars, red fruit jam, etc. After extensive research, it was impossible to find the ideal tea to complete my menu! I then had a revelation: if they don’t exist, no problem, I’ll create them. It was at this precise moment, without imagining it for a single second, that my life took a big turn. I opened my KOMbelle store a few days later and I gradually discovered my new profession and a passion that I wouldn’t leave for anything in the world today! »
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