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Weddings 2023: KOMbelle trends guide

May 13, 2022

A sparkling wedding dress to brighten up your day, decorations capable of capturing the hearts of your guests… All these wonders can be discovered in our 2023 wedding trends guide!

When preparing for your wedding, you are probably looking for inspiration to make this day an unforgettable one. Why not stay at the forefront of the latest trends to create a wedding that reflects your image?

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the hottest trends for 2023 to help you design a wedding that lives up to your dreams. Wondering what styles and themes are setting hearts aflutter this year? We have the answers!

From vibrant shades to wedding dresses, from bold accessories to original decoration ideas, there is no shortage of choices to transform your big day into a memorable and unique event.

Whether you are a fan of traditional weddings or looking for originality, this article is full of ideas to inspire you and guide you in organizing your dream wedding. Sit back and explore the 2023 wedding trends!

Lovecore Aesthetic

Fleeing traditional paths, Lovecore celebrates love in a modern way. Characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and delicate fabrics like lace, satin, and organza, this trend offers a unique style.

What does a lovecore bride look like? She will opt for a modern dress embellished with romantic details such as lace sleeves or a satin belt.

To create a romantic and cozy atmosphere during the reception, the decoration can be enhanced with accessories in pink, red and white shades, candles, colorful flowers and light garlands. Even stationery, from wedding invitations to menus, can be adorned with the most vibrant shades.

Oversized flowers

Let’s see life in XXL, but especially with flowers! Floral arrangements have a striking and unforgettable visual impact that goes far beyond simple wedding decor.

In 2023, oversized floral headpieces and crowns are growing in popularity, as is clothing featuring statement floral designs. Dresses feature oversized floral details, skirts adorned with large flowers, and even floral prints in shimmering colors.

Bridesmaids are also joining the XXL movement with dresses featuring similar patterns or colors matching those of the bride.

Symbols of their history

No more generic wedding gifts given for lack of inspiration! Give the bride and groom something that reflects their unique personality and shows how much you care about them.

What could be more touching than a meaningful gift, a mark of listening that reminds you how much you care about them? Objects symbolic of their love story, such as a personalized portrait or a creation recalling a shared memory, are particularly appreciated gifts. Unique as the bride and groom’s special relationship, these gifts will remind them of their most precious moments and encourage them to create new ones together.

Character rings

Traditional engagement rings and classic wedding rings are losing favor… And that makes us happy! Brides and grooms are attracted to more original and modern, even resolutely vintage, models. A trend that appeals to those who like to challenge conventions.

We are seeing a growing popularity for rings with a strong character and/or bright colors: minimalist, in the shape of a flower, featuring geometric patterns, or even personalized engraving…

Couples are also turning to sustainable and ethical jewelry, such as engagement rings and wedding rings made from alternative materials such as wood, stainless steel, or responsibly crafted gemstones.

Disco wedding

What a fantastic way to celebrate love in a fun and dynamic way: with a disco wedding! This trend, inspired by the 70s/80s, adds a touch of party and glamor to your big day thanks to its bright colors and bold patterns.

Disco balls, glitter and colorful touches will add a touch of shine to your decoration, while the dance floor, livened up by disco hits, will invite all generations to get their hips moving.

A colorful disco wedding guarantees a memorable experience for you and your guests, filled with smiles, laughter and wild choreography. Wouldn’t that be a good omen for the bride and groom after all?

Strong pieces

In the spotlight, originality: expressing your creativity and personality at the altar is more relevant than ever. Incorporating strong pieces into your wedding outfit will allow you to create a unique look, far from the standards. Dare to be bold and express your creativity

Today’s bride and groom do not hesitate to assert their preferences, nor to deviate from the traditional path of wedding attire. Every detail is important, so don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your wedding outfit!

Plus, these statement pieces are a great way to add a sentimental touch to your bridal outfit. For example, you can adorn your buttonhole with a brooch dear to your grandparents or wear a tie given to you by your fiancé(e) for your birthday.

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