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5 stars for the new rating system on KOMbelle

Today, we are delighted to unveil our new evaluation system, more equitable, clear and transparent on KOMbelle.

The uniqueness of our community lies in the direct exchanges between buyers and artists, independent creators and collectors from around the world. This privileged interaction results in the writing of evaluations, testimonies of a unique experience. The acts of buying and selling on KOMbelle are very personal, giving the evaluations a much deeper meaning than those one might encounter elsewhere.

In March, as announced, we worked on overhauling the ratings and reviews system on KOMbelle, aligning our approach with the unique qualities of our platform. We solicited sellers via a questionnaire and interacted with buyers. Community input was crucial to this review of KOMbelle reviews. Read on to discover the major changes that mark significant progress toward our initial goals for this project.

Promote honesty and fairness

We aspire to provide KOMbelle buyers with relevant information when shopping. Previously, a store’s review score also included the reviews its owner received as a buyer – a source of confusion for potential buyers. Now, a store’s overall score will exclusively reflect reviews left by shoppers over the past 12 months, providing a more current view of the store’s reputation among shoppers. Additionally, the buyer’s profile name will now be displayed publicly along with their reviews to promote authentic reviews. In addition, reviews of articles must include text, providing context for their rating.

These changes, coupled with greater use of in-platform payment methods, reduce the need for buyer reviews. Sellers highlighted the tedious task of reviewing buyers and, in fact, buyer reviews were rarely viewed. Therefore, buyers will no longer be rated in this new system.

Facilitate communication and problem resolution

Many sellers told us that negative reviews were often the result of misunderstandings, either because they were left too early or because buyers didn’t contact the seller to resolve an issue. Reviews can now be edited, encouraging the buyer and seller to communicate to resolve any concerns. To prevent early reviews, we have linked the ability to leave a notice regarding order processing and shipping, preventing an item from being reviewed until it has arrived.

Improve the shopping experience

Through various tests, we found that when reviews were more visible, shoppers were more likely to favorite items or add them to their cart. So, we will develop additional methods to encourage buyers to come back and review their purchases, thereby improving the amount of reviews on KOMbelle.

To make reviews easier, we are moving to a 5-star rating system, which is more accessible for buyers. Stars, more favorable to sellers than the old percentage rating, provide a clearer view. Sellers can learn more about how the new system works.

The new review system on KOMbelle

We understand the importance of this transition for the community, and it will take time to adapt. We hope this new system will promote fairness, transparency and improve the shopping experience across the platform. To learn more about assessments, see the FAQ. Also express your opinion in the discussion forum.

Le blog de Kombelle

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